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In this technologically advanced era, you cannot often find a means of transportation that is inexpensive and eco-friendly, as well as convenient and easy to use. Hoverboards are precisely that, and we can help you find the best ones on the market.

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It seems as though our quest for more straightforward and faster transportation would always be a journey rather than a destination. These days...

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A hoverboard is a popular two-wheeled gadget that utilizes internal gyroscopes for detecting the user's movements. You just have to lean in your desired...

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OXA Hoverboard Review

Who the heck doesn’t like hoverboards! They are awesome! Not to mention, you can save a lot of money by investing in one for the long-term. There is no question that living costs are going to...

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Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Review

A decade ago, many people predicted that humanity would soon be in the age of flying cars. Even though that dream hasn't come true yet, hoverboards are a step in the right direction....

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Segway miniPRO Scooter Review

You can unlock the door to many hours of fun and frolic by investing in a scooter. The machine is more than a toy, allowing you to move from place to place within minutes. You don’t have to spend...

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Tomoloo V2 Eagle HoverBoard Review

Who doesn’t love a hoverboard? They are fast, exciting, entertaining and most of all, they make for one heck of a personal ride! Everyone has wanted a hoverboard ever since Michael J. Fox used it...

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