OXA Hoverboard Review

OXA Hoverboard Review

Who the heck doesn’t like hoverboards! They are awesome! Not to mention, you can save a lot of money by investing in one for the long-term. There is no question that living costs are going to keep soaring every year.

However, using hoverboards in this advanced technological era can help reduce some of your expenses and help you save some money.

OXA Hoverboard Self Balancing scooter

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Hoverboards are a technological wonder. With just two wheels, self-balancing and a rechargeable battery, you can practically go anywhere you want on the device.

Designed to bear weight up to 100-kgs, hoverboards have become famous throughout the US. However, when it comes to the device, it is vital you select one that offers safety and value for money.

And that is mostly where the OXA hoverboard comes into play. With a variety of features and comfortable footpads, you can ride anywhere on this beast.

Moreover, one of the best things about the OXA hoverboard is the fact that you can use it for long distance traveling. It is uniquely beautiful when it comes to roaming around in malls, going from one shop to another.

Or going to the local coffee shop downtown – the hoverboard can cut the time and effort in half. Plus, you don’t have walk slow behind people, you can ride the device in open spaces and get to your destination quicker.

About The Product

In light of this, mentioned below are some excellent reasons you should invest in the OXA:

State-Of-The-Art Intelligence Control

Thanks to massive strides in technology and innovative advances in mechanical engineering, the OXA is inbuilt with a cutting-edge monitoring system.

The machine tracks and monitors the weight and center of gravity of the individual riding the device. The calculation it makes is precision-based. 

After identifying the weight and center of gravity of the user, the 3rd Generation Intelligent Control System allows for a secure mount. In simpler words, the hoverboard helps you mount quicker and safe.

Now, that is vital for people who are bit overweight or those who have trouble balancing. After you mount the device, it will just take you thirty seconds to get used to the machine.

Thanks to balance and power control, you no longer have to worry about continually focusing on not falling whizzing past people in the shopping mall.

Guaranteed Security And Safety

Another fantastic feature about the hoverboard is the fact that it is safe to use – even for kids aged 10 and above.

The machine is UL Certified (2272/2271). And the best thing about the device is that it is inbuilt with overheat protection.

OXA Hoverboard Self Balancing scooter

source: balancingscootershop.com

You may remember how a lot of hoverboards caught fire shortly after activating. That put a lot of people at a fire hazard - but not with the OXA hoverboard.

This beast guarantees slope protection, no overheat hazard, notifies when the battery is low and will not let you over speed.  These are all excellent and vital prerequisites of a hoverboard.

Built For Long Range Travelling 

Another top-notch feature of the OXA hoverboard is the fact it is for long distance traveling.

Riding the hoverboard, you can travel up to 17 kilometers. What’s more, the machine is also inbuilt with 3-hour quick charge functionality.

That means you don't have to wait half a day to charge the device. In other words, on just one, single charge you can travel up to 15 or 17 kilometers depending on road and weather conditions.

You don't always have to worry if the device would automatically shut off due to low power in the middle of your travel. If the manufacturer says it is going to last 15 to 17-km, it will!

15 To 30 Degrees Climb 

Another reason why you should opt for the OXA hoverboard is the fact it has a top speed of 7.5 miles per hour. But what is even more incredible is that it can climb up 30 degrees.

So when it comes to traversing standard slopes to get to your destination without any complications, the OXA is the perfect machine.

Unbelievable Load Bearing Design 

The best thing about the hoverboard is that it can withstand a weight of 330-lbs without breaking or being crushed.

You can quite literally load a small vehicle on top of the machine, and it will not break. In other words, the device is also ideal for people that are overweight.

Dual Ride Modes 

The OXA hoverboard features a multi-ride system – which means even your children can use the device without any safety concerns. That is essential because the tool is inbuilt with non-self balance functionality.

It automatically balances and steadies a child or an individual riding a hoverboard for the first time in their lives.

The second mode requires a bit of getting used to – especially when it comes to flexibility and balance. It is perfect for seasoned riders and experienced individuals.

What Others Are Saying

People are quite happy with the OXA hoverboard. And that is right so! There are so many features and functionalities to look forward to in the hoverboard! A majority of the users were excited about how easy it is to get used to riding the machine.

Others are happy with its weight-bearing capabilities. Some so many people have wasted their money buying the wrong device. However, the OXA delivers on its promise!

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the OXA Self Balance hoverboard in under $200 with free shipping on Amazon. It comes in purple and has a LED light installed for night travels.

OXA Hoverboard Self Balancing scooter

source: balancingscootershop.com

Plus, the machine makes an excellent gift for your child's birthday and whatnot. With so many features and state-of-the-art safety and speed control – there is nothing more you could ever want in a hoverboard.

Final Verdict

All in all, if you are looking for durability, power and balance control, the OXA hoverboard is just the device for you!

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