Tomoloo V2 Eagle HoverBoard Review

Tomoloo HoverBoard Review

Who doesn’t love a hoverboard? They are fast, exciting, entertaining and most of all, they make for one heck of a personal ride!

Everyone has wanted a hoverboard ever since Michael J. Fox used it makes his audacious getaway from Griff Tannen in 2015, in the Back to the Future Part II.  And so the manufacturing process started in the year 2014 in China, but the initial prototypes were self-destructive and easily caught fire because of the over-heating batteries.

Technology has progressed since then, and various qualities added to hoverboards. They are no longer as destructive and dangerous.

One of that superior quality and top-notch hoverboards is the Tomoloo Hoverboard, which has ultimate double protection, terrific never-flat tires, and a whopping speed of  12 mph and maximum travel distance of 12 miles!

For a small skateboard two-wheeler device, that is admirable.

In addition to its basic outstanding characteristics, facilitated by LED lighting, Bluetooth device and an innovative, customizable and modern control design-ensure.

About The Product

TOMOLOO V2 Eagle Hoverboard


So, let’s talk about some of its incredible features, shall we?

Heat-Resistant, Durable And Safe

Perhaps the best reasons you should grab the Tomoloo Hoverboards as soon as possible is that it has a fire-retardant shell, and offers double protection. It has the UL-2272 Safety Certification.

The battery will not explode or shirt circuit from excessive heating, which makes this hoverboard not only durable but also safe. With many other hoverboards comes a risk of batteries exploding, which can get extremely dangerous especially around little kids who play with hoverboards the most.

With Tomoloo, the risk is negligent, ensuring not only a safe but an adventurous ride.

Airless Tires 

Tomoloo offers a Hoverboard that comes with never-flat tires-which offer a plethora of conveniences than the regular air-filled tires. The biggest advantage is perhaps that they cannot go flat, as the name suggests.

Owing to that particular feature, you can replace them less often. Additionally, they also have the threshold to carry more weight than the tires with air, plus they are less of a hassle to install.

The Tomoloo Hoverboard Airless Tires are Big Wheels that are 8.5 inches in size, with the Charging Port covered by a Waterproof Cap. They have Strong Road-Gripping Tires, and an ability to climb a slope of about 20 degrees, ensuring a firm and balanced hoverboarding adventure.

TOMOLOO V2 Eagle Hoverboard



Another compelling reason why you should buy the Tomoloo Hoverboard is the speed – it can speed up to 12 mph, with the highest traveling distance of 12 miles. This feature is owing to its electric power, which is about 350 Watts. Fast would be an understatement! 

Wireless Sound Technology

you can make your riding more enjoyable by playing some music in the Hoverboards hands-free Bluetooth 4.1 speakers that offer a stereo surround sound. There is no wiring to make this work. You can simply have your phone in your pocket, and play music through the phone via the Hoverboard speakers. It is convenient and hassle-free.

For Adults And Kids, Both

Hoverboards are not just for your little ones –contrary to popular belief. Nothing is stopping an adult from having the ride of their lives on the durable, fast and fantastic Tomoloo Hoverboards. The material that the self-balancing scooter comprises of coupled with the air-free tires ensures a safe, destruction-free ride for people of all weights and heights.

Customizable Appearance 

Innovative APP Control Design enables you to personalize the Hoverboard. It enables you to change the colors, mode, and brightness of the immaculate RGB lights. This feature means that you can match your hoverboard with whatever you put on!

Along with it, it enables you to set the Auto Shutdown time and Power off button via your cell phone, adding to its many customizable features. Additionally, it also allows you to adjust the mode, speed, and sensitivity of the hoverboard itself.

What Others Are Saying

It's not that Hoverboards are a convenient way to cover a short distance it is that they are fun. What is more is that the fun is not just for children of all ages, but teens and adults as well. This reason is why Hoverboards have been selling like hot cakes.

Users adore the ability to carry a party with them anywhere they hoverboard because of the Bluetooth technology attached. Parent now feel safe buying their kids cool self-balancing scooters because of how hazard-free and explosion-resistant Tomoloo’s Hoverboards are.

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the Hoverboards in about $399 from Amazon with free shipping. The most significant feature to look for in any Hoverboard is the modernity and explosion-resistance, so that it is not only safe to ride but you sort of look cool when doing it. With Tomoloo’s Self-Balancing Scooter both possibilities are doable.

TOMOLOO V2 Eagle Hoverboard


Its modern Bluetooth feature and customizable design allow you to add character to it and make it yours. Plus, this makes for the perfect gift for just about anyone, and Amazon offers gift-wrapping as well. 

Final Verdict

With its durability, longevity, heat-resistance, weight-bearing threshold, incredible speed, customizable features and wireless technology, Tom looks Hoverboard is a must-have! It brings with it a wide variety of features and accessories –all under a fairly reasonable cost of $399.

This product is still cheaper than many Hoverboards with these many features. You should consider purchasing this hoverboard!

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